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We make sure that you are confident and prepared, in person and in your messaging, so that you deliver great TV, radio, print and online interviews.

That’s because we’re not just trainers, but doers. The skills we’re offering you are the same ones we use day in and day out in our professional lives.

We understand

what interviewers are looking for because we are hired professionally to interview influential decision-makers.

We anticipate

what interviewers want because we’re trained producers, directors, journalists and presenters.

We know

how to get you camera-ready because our day job involves making beautiful films for blue-chip clients.


The first step is to distil what you want to say into powerful soundbites. We workshop your brand messages with you to create memorable sentences and phrases that get your point across in a succinct way. We teach you how to package your message and back it with evidence. And invaluably, we give you behind the scenes insight into what journalists are looking for when they’re interviewing you.

HWM has extensive expertise in finding compelling, factual and balanced messages for a wide spectrum of industries. We already work to create great content for a host of industry names. We bring that expertise to you in intensive workshops to help you craft clear, compelling messaging that you have confidence in. Because when you’re confident in your message, you’ll be confident in you.

There’s always a reason behind an interview. We help you understand the interview context, which means you’re in control before the journalist asks the first question. With us, you learn about different interview situations – from announcing good news or launching a new initiative to facing a hostile interviewer after a crisis. We teach you to set your own agenda and stick to it without being derailed.

By now, you’ll know what your message is – but you’re still going to want to deliver it in a natural and confident way that seems spontaneous and attractive.

We teach you the body language that works on camera, the quirks of movement, how to pitch your voice, and why people are around you seem to be speaking in strange industry jargon.

Diction and Voice

It doesn’t matter whether the interview is for print, radio or video – speaking clearly and pitching your voice the right way helps you gain control and stay comfortable. We work with you on speaking clearly and pitching your voice so that you can come across as assured and in control.

On-Camera Presentation

The best way of looking comfortable during in an interview is to feel comfortable. But while your wardrobe and sense of style might work well in real life, cameras and studio lights need a specific way of dressing. We’ll give you insider insights into how to dress for the camera, and how to look your best under studio lighting.

Our style consultation services range from providing tips, tricks and techniques within a group setting, to personalised, one-on-one style consultations and makeovers.

Body Language

Here’s a video interview secret: you need to look relaxed, but stay really alert. It’s not a posture most of us adopt in real life. The good news is that we have a set of really easy steps to get you into a state of “relaxed poise” for your next interview.

Overcoming Nerves

Find yourself nervous when in front of a camera or journalist? Most people do – even if they’re professional speakers, or are interviewed every day. But don’t worry. We can transform even the most self-conscious individual into a confident interviewee, regardless of how nervous you feel.



Training Sessions

Don’t feel you’d fit into a regular workshop? Or perhaps you’re part of an industry where the messages and delivery need special attention and personalised coaching? Maybe you’ve attended a couple of HWM’s media training sessions already, and now want to explore how we can push your media engagement skills further still?

No problem. HWM specialises in developing customised media training modules for very senior executives and decision makers on the go. We can accommodate individual sessions that deliver great results and improvements within a day. We’ll tailor a training day built around you. Just ask us!

Meet YourTrainers

Hisham Wyne

Hisham is a radio presenter, MC, public speaker and moderator. He is also one of Dubai’s top content consultants and writers. He excels in creating messages that resonate. He’ll show you how to craft messages that grab headlines and earn you column inches and airtime.

Eve Hester-Wyne

Eve is a BBC-trained journalist and producer who has interviewed everyone who’s anyone. She is also a very experienced director who produces top-class interviews, corporate videos, documentaries and news reports for corporate clients.